What is WAN/Public IP address?
WAN IP or Public IP Address

A WAN IP (Wide Area Network Internet Protocol) address, also known as a public IP address, is the IP address assigned to your network by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is used to identify your network on the internet.

Key Points
  • Unique Identification: Each WAN IP address is unique across the internet, functioning like a postal address for your network.
  • Assigned by ISPs: Your ISP assigns a WAN IP address to your network, which can be static or dynamic.
  • NAT (Network Address Translation): In most home networks, the router uses NAT to allow multiple devices to share a single public IP address.
  • Accessing Services Remotely: The WAN IP address is used for accessing your home network from the internet, such as for home servers or security cameras.
  • Privacy and Security: Since the WAN IP address is visible on the internet, it's important to secure your network with measures like firewalls.
  • Finding Your WAN IP: You can find your WAN IP address details below or through your router's web interface.

Note: Your WAN IP address can reveal your general location and ISP. Some people use VPNs to mask their real WAN IP addresses for enhanced privacy and security.

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Additional Details


Type: ipv4

Continent Code: NA

Continent Name: North America

Country Code: US

Country Name: United States

Region Code: VA

Region Name: Virginia

City: Leesburg

Zip: 20147

Latitude: 39.043701171875

Longitude: -77.474197387695

Geoname ID: 4744870

Capital: Washington D.C.

Languages: English

Calling Code: 1

Time Zone ID: America/New_York

Current Time: 2024-06-15T08:48:30-04:00

GMT Offset: -14400

Code: EDT

Is Daylight Saving: 0

Currency Code: USD

Currency Name: US Dollar

Currency Plural: US dollars

Currency Symbol: $

Currency Symbol Native: $

ASN: 14618

ISP: amazon.com Inc.